Cellulite Reduction

No one likes to have extra body fat, but cellulite is considered one of the worst cosmetic issues for men and women. If you have ever tried to get rid of cellulite in the same way as excess fat, you already know that there is a bit of mystery behind the dimpled appearance. At Glamorous Aesthetics & Laser Centre, our team of experts understand why cellulite is so difficult to eliminate on your own, and we offer advanced cellulite reduction in Winnipeg for those who are ready to say goodbye to cellulite.

Why is Cellulite Hard to Manage with Diet and Exercise?

Unlike pockets of stubborn fat on your body, cellulite is linked to fat and connective tissues. Connective tissues tend to harden over time. Once the connective tissues lose flexibility, the underlying fat pokes through openings. This is why cellulite has a distinctive dimpled appearance.

Cellulite Reduction for Winnipeg Residents

At Glamorous Aesthetics & Laser Centre, we offer cellulite reduction treatments that are clinically proven to work. By using the Venus Versa™ we can repair the connective tissue and reduce the fat in the treatment area with NanoFractional Radio Frequency. By continuing to follow a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and exercise, you can enjoy a cellulite-free body for many years.

The Benefits

  • No surgery or scarring
  • Easy, comfortable treatment
  • Recommended for most areas of the body
  • Short treatment time
  • No Downtime

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