Acne Scar Reducation

Acne is a common problem that gives your skin an unhealthy appearance, and the blemishes may also damage surrounding skin and cause scars. Once you have your acne controlled, our team of experts can help reduce the scars to be less visible.

First time patients first go through a consultation so that our experts can better identify your needs! During your consultation, you are asked to complete a brief questionnaire that asks about your health conditions, general health history, past health issues, allergies etc. This will help us better assist you. The first appointment may take slightly longer compared to successive sessions. 

How Does Acne Scar Reduction Work?

The acne scar reduction for Winnipeg residents that we offer works by changing the texture of the outer portion of the scar. By remodeling the scar with Nanofractional Radio Frequency energy, it prompts the body to generate new collagen fibers in a more consistent manner.

What to Expect From Our Acne Scar Reduction for Winnipeg Residents

No downtime is required. After your acne scar reduction treatment with the Venus Versa™, the scar may feel smoother. As the body creates new collagen, the scar will blend better with the surrounding skin. No scar can be completely removed, not even by excision, but our treatment makes your acne scars practically invisible. 

How Many Treatment Do I Need for Acne Scar Reduction

The number of treatments that you will need depends on the severity of your acne scars. Typically, we recommend a series of six treatments, and we evaluate your progress before each treatment. Collagen production takes about six weeks, and you will see a gradual improvement in your acne scars.

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Learn More About Acne Scar Reduction in Winnipeg 
If you are tired of hiding your acne scars with makeup and other forms of camouflage, contact Glamorous Aesthetics & Laser Centre today to schedule an appointment with our acne scar experts.