Stretch Mark Reduction 

Stretch marks are most often experienced by people who have lost a great deal of body weight, and women who have recently given birth. Stretch marks occur because the fibroblast cellular structures of the skin cannot adapt as quick as skin growth. Outdated methods for dealing with extreme amounts of stretch marks include skin reduction surgery. These methods trade stretched skin for a surgical scar. This is not something that most modern people are willing to accept. Radio frequency technology, used in devices like the Venus Viva system, make it possible to eliminate stretch marks anywhere on the body.  

The Venus Viva system works to eliminate the dark appearance of body stretch marks through energy stimulus. It directs a specific form of electromagnetic energy into the skin cells. This action helps the skin to rejuvenate collagen production. Since this stimulation occurs deep within skin layers, patients who experience stretch mark reduction with Venus Viva treatments do not have to worry about things like complicated post-operative requirements. Each treatment only requires about thirty minutes of NanoFractional Radio Frequency. This non-surgical treatment is effective for people with concerns about localized stretch marks, or marks that cover a significant percentage of the body. 

Venus Viva™ stretch mark reduction in Winnipeg can address the concerns of:

  • Pregnant women who notice stretch marks in their late stages.
  • People who have gained, or lost a great deal of weight.
  • Patients who have noticed skin changes because of steroidal medication use.
  • Men and women who have genetic predispositions for stretch marks on the body.
  • And many more.

Before & Afters

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