Acne Treatment

Acne is probably the most embarrassing cosmetic issue that men and women deal with throughout their lives. At Glamorous Aesthetics & Laser Centre, part of our acne treatment for Winnipeg residents is to help those affected by frequent and severe breakouts understand the true nature of the condition, as well as how our professional acne treatments work differently than products found in department and drug stores.

First time patients first go through a consultation so that our experts can better identify your needs! During your consultation, you are asked to complete a brief questionnaire that asks about your health conditions, general health history, past health issues, allergies etc. This will help us better assist you. The first appointment may take slightly longer compared to successive sessions. 

What is Acne?

The reason that you have been unable to clear up acne on your own is that it is a complex skin condition. Acne begins on the surface of the skin where dead skin cells, oils and impurities penetrate the pores. Once inside the pores, these substances mix with bacteria and get trapped inside the pore. This creates an excellent environment for the bacteria to thrive and cause inflammation and infections. Our professional acne treatments address each aspect of your blemishes.

What Type of Acne Treatments for Winnipeg Residents are Available?

At Glamorous Aesthetics & Laser Centre, our team of acne experts use the Venus Versa™ SmartPulse™ technology and dual light treatment for acne treatments to clear out pores, as well as to clean and balance the surface of the skin.

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