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Introducing our new Hydrofacial that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves uneven skin tone, hydrates skin, reduces brown spots, minimizes pores, and firms skin. If you are looking for a facial that works on all of these issues, then one of our 3 Hydrofacial options for Winnipeg men and women will be perfect for you!

“The Hydrofacial left my skin feeling unbelievably clean, tightened, and lifted. The difference in tone and texture of the skin was visible after the very first treatment.” 

Signature Hydrofacial with Glycolic Peel

The Signature Hydrofacial with Glycolic Peel uses the HydroDerm Handle on the machine which works to clean, open pores, extract, detoxify, and hydrate skin effectively. Using vacuum technology and the Diamond Dermabrasion tip, it effectively exfoliates allowing you to achieve glowing, smooth skin.

This method also penetrates and infuses much needed nutrients and vitamins for optimal PH skin balance and oxygen.

30 minutes treatment (Cost $145)

Deluxe Hydrofacial

The Deluxe Hydrofacial provides all of the amazing benefits of the Signature Hydrofacial. However, in this particular facial, we use the Ultrasonic Wave Spatula on the Hydroderm machine. This handle has two functions; in one direction this tool uses ultrasonic waves to deepen the skin’s absorption of the active ingredients being applied to the skin. In the other direction, it uses ultrasonic waves to push debris out of the pores.

This facial uses Hydro peel dermabrasion and infuses Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C into the skin. These serums are great for boosting collagen production and hydrating skin!

You may request this treatment to be performed to either fix the appearance of a double chin, neck lines, or other area as well at an additional cost.  

60 minute treatment (Cost $210)

Glamorous Hydra Peel Dermabrasion Facial

Similarily to the Deluxe Hydrofacial, the Glamorous Hydra Peel Dermabrasion Facial, provides the same advantages. This facial treatment is longer than the other two, resulting in exponential benefits including advanced cleansing, exfoliation, detoxification, and, hydration! 

With this facial, we use the Radio Frequency Handle that provides what feels like a hot stone massage to the face. Radio Frequency improves blood circulation. This stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. (You can add this feature to the Deluxe Hydrofacial for an additional cost as well.)

You are guaranteed to have a glowing and youthful appearance with this Hydrofacial!

90 minute treatment (Cost $295)

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