The transition from colder months into warmer temperatures can play havoc on a person’s skin. This is the primary reason why facialin Winnipeg are so popular. Easy spa treatments utilize advanced technologies to make skin glow in preparation for a great warm season. Depending on the type of skin a person has, several treatments are available. These include:

Each of our facials come with two treatment options:

Our Anti-aging facials come with two treatment options:

Our 60 minute treatment is products only.

The 75 minute facial is products and radio frequency. Radio frequency improves blood circulation, which stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin.

To prepare for expert facials Winnipeg, clients only need to keep their skin clean. This means not using cosmetics and chemical products for at least four days prior to the spa treatment experience. When the facial skin is free from harsh compounds, it can readily respond to facial procedures that promote brightness and even skin tones. Our relaxing facials do not require special care once they are complete. A client can begin showing his or her newly restored appearance immediately. 

Everyone has a particular concern about their skin when they decide to get a professional facial. Contact our office today to schedule an examination to determine the best type of facial for your needs. Summer is right around the corner, and professional facial treatments can help you look your best.