Pore Reduction

If you’re noticing enlarged facial pores, Glamorous Aesthetics & Laser Centre can offer you safe and effective treatment to eliminate the problem. The treatment for pore reduction in Winnipeg that we provide can reduce the appearance of large pores caused by genetics, aging, clogged pores and other skin conditions. We can even treat large pores that are the result of sun damage. Our highly knowledgeable staff members will make sure that you receive the excellent care that you deserve while doing everything imaginable to make you feel comfortable every step of the way.

We use the customizable Venus Versa™ system to shrink facial pores without the need for surgery or injections. Delivering up to 700 pulses of nergy, the NanoFractional Radio Frequency technology is designed to produce the right amount of power to treat enlarged pores while reducing the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This treatment can be completed quickly at our medical spa with no recovery downtime needed. Our pore reduction treatment also offers a cheaper alternative to surgery and other more invasive procedures. 
Glamorous Aesthetics & Laser Centre can give you the treatment for pore reduction in Winnipeg that’s designed to revitalize your appearance and help you feel like a brand-new you. If you are ready to schedule an appointment or have any other questions, please contact Glamorous Aesthetics & Laser Centre today. 

The Benefits