At Glamorous Aesthetics & Laser Centre, we can offer you threading in Winnipeg. Our staff knows the best threading techniques that will leave you with smoother skin. 
The ancient practice of threading involves using thread made of entwined cotton. Each thread piece is rolled in a scissoring motion over the skin to wrap around unwanted hairs and remove them gently without damaging the skin. Threading works particularly well at removing hair to give the eyebrows a more attractive shape. 

The Benefits


QHow long do the results last? 
AThe results of threading can remain for three to four weeks before additional treatments are necessary. 
QBesides the eyebrows, what other parts of the face respond well to threading? 
A: If you have unwanted hair on your chin or upper lip, threading can be a great alternative for you. Threading also works well at removing hair from the sides of the face. 
QCan men also benefit from threading? 
A: Absolutely! Men who want facial hair removed or to have their eyebrows shaped will benefit from threading.

You can receive thorough threading in Winnipeg by visiting Glamorous Aesthetics & Laser Centre. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about this hair removal technique and find out our current appointment availability.